Kernel Press is specialized in online scientific publications. We cover the topics of Computer Science and Biology, and also related topics such as Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. We publish books of any type and also Genomics and Computational Biology, an open access scientific journal.


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Books and proceedings

We can publish your books related to Biology, Computer Science or related fields. This include proceedings or abstracts books for meetings, workshops or conferences. Our services include the followings and more:

  • Open Access Creative Commons license
  • ISBN, DOI and URN
  • Indexing (e.g. World Cat, Cross Ref, Google Scholar, …)
  • Long term archiving
  • Layout edition and type setting (optional)
  • Peer review for academic books

Scientific articles

Publish your articles in Genomics and Computational Biology, an international peer-reviewed and open access scientific journal. The journal aims to bring together the knowledge and expertise of biologists and computational scientists or theorists. In order to bridge the gap between these communities, we encourage the submission of Reviews and Analytical Workflow articles written for a broad audience or for another community. Computational scientists or theorists may take this opportunity to explain to biologists key concepts in their fields, and biologists may highlight essential aspects and remaining challenges in genome biology.

For more information, please visit the journal’s web site.